When I am performing magic, people often ask about the new Magic Castle Cabaret opening in Santa Barbara. It is always exciting to talk to people about this new magical venue that will be part of the Santa Barbara landscape.

The new Magic Castle is called the Magic Castle Cabaret and is not going to be a replica of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Although Milt Larson founded Hollywood’s Magic Castle, the Cabaret is the brainchild of he and his wife Arlene. They have combined their knowledge and passion to create a very unique venue for us to enjoy.

magic castle cabaret

What Will Happen At The Magic Castle Cabaret?

An evening at the new Magic Castle Cabaret will be unlike anything else in Santa Barbara. Yes, there will be magic and surely guests will be captivated by the wonders within. However, there will be more. Let Milt and Arlene tell you a bit more about their brain child.


An evening at the Magic Castle Cabaret will feature a close-up magician of the Academy of Magical Arts from the Magic Castle in Hollywood and a variety arts entertainer such as a singer, ventriloquist, comedian, mime, tap dancer or stage magician.

Will There Be Food and Beverage at The Magic Castle Cabaret?

Members and Guest of the Magic Castle Cabaret will enjoy a full bar including spirits, and a variety of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Although there will be a light food fair offered, it is not a dinner house with a full menu.

Arlene has planned a variety of finger foods, and other nourishment guaranteed to delight those gathered for an evening of fun, magic and variety arts.

Can Anyone Come To The Magic Castle Cabaret?

Santa Barbara’s Magic Castle Cabaret will follow suit with the original Magic Castle in Hollywood and be a private club. Members will be able to bring guests and in time members will have the opportunity to offer guest passes to their friends.

So far, the Magic Castle Cabaret has attracted lots of local members as well as many notable magic types including: Steve Martin, David Copperfield, Lance Burton and Penn & Teller. You will never know who you might see during a visit to the Cabaret.

When Will The Magic Castle Cabaret Open?

Milt and Arlene have not set a definite opening date. As with too many new businesses in the Santa Barbara area, is determined by the City and the numerous layers of permitting and approval processes.

If all goes well and the magic Gods look down with favor, the Magic Castle Cabaret should start delighting members in July 2018.

Where Is The Magic Castle Cabaret?

The Magic Castle Cabaret is located at 30 Las Patos Way in Montecito, CA.

For people who have lived in Santa Barbara for a while, the Cabaret occupies the same space as the former Café de Oro just east of Angela Park Bird Refuge.

A Few Words From Gene Urban

gene urban magic castleI am personally thrilled about the opening of a magic venue in my own backyard. Although I love going to and performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, not battling LA traffic to play and enjoy the art I love will be divine.

If you have a question or would like to join me as my guest at the Cabaret, let me know. If you want to become a member yourself, simply email Arlene Larson and tell her Gene Urban sent you her way. Arlene’s email is zamagic@aol.com.

I hope to see you soon at the Magic Castle Cabaret and if you need great magic at your own party, wedding or corporate event, I’d be delighted to make it happen.

Gene Urban