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The new Magic Castle Cabaret is open and thrilling people with great performers and decor that blends a bit of Disney with Hogwarts. As one who is often seen adding a bit of magic at the Cabaret, I couldn’t be more delighted by the line-up of performers. Below is a look at Magic Castle Cabaret performers taking the stage in the coming weeks.

I am excited to be on the bill for April and hope to meet a lot of new friends.

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The Magic  Castle Cabaret is located at
30 Los Patos Way, Montecito, CA 93108


Magic Castle Cabaret Performers Line-Up

May 1-3 2019

Michael Ammar

Cabaret members are in for a treat this week. World-Champion magician, Michael Ammar is taking the stage. He is truely one of the best magicians in the World and a good guy too. Don’t miss this weeks shows!!

May 4th ONLY

Richard Burr & Josette

Think internationally traved magicians collide with the Guiness Book of World Records and you may get a sense of this act. You may have met Richard, he’s popped up to the Cabaret a few times including Milt’s birthday.

May 8-11 2019

Ron Saylor

Ron is a regular performer at the Magic Castle who combines magic, mentalism and music to mystify and entertain. You’ll have a great night watching this award winning magi.

May 15-18 2019

Doc Eason

Doc Eason is a big name in the magic world. He has performed and lectured around the World. He is considered by most as a premier bar magician. His closing trick will leave you jaw-dropped.

The Magic Castle Cabaret is a private members club. If you are not a member, yet would love to visit this special place, there are ways. 

As a member, Gene can offer you a guest pass or take you as his personal guest. Please feel free to contact him to explore one of these options. 805-729-8459 or

Naturally, if you are hosting a party, putting together a corporate event, planning a wedding reception, Gene Urban would love to make magic happen for you and your guests. Contact Gene today to check availability. 

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