Magic Castle Cabaret Performer News and Info

The new Magic Castle Cabaret is open and thrilling people with great performers and decor that blends a bit of Disney with Hogwarts. As one who is often seen adding a bit of magic at the Cabaret, I couldn’t be more delighted by the line-up of performers. Below is a look at Magic Castle Cabaret performers taking the stage in the coming weeks.

I try and get to the Cabaret 1-2 nights a week to add some closeup magic before or after the main show. I hope to see you there!

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Magic Castle Cabaret Performers Line-Up

November 15-18

Dave Cox

A veteran magician, Dave Cox will make you laugh while he fools you. If he looks familiar, you may have seen him on Masters of Illusion. 

January 22-25

Raven & Migz

Back for another run, Raven & Migz blend magic, mentalism and fun. 

Jan. 29 - Feb 1

Jon Armstrong

Jon is an actor and award-winning magician. He is sure to sell out his week at the Cabaret so make your reservation early. 

February 5-8

Richard Burr & Josette

A classic magical act that has entertained around the world. Richard is a Guinness Book record holder too. 

February 12-15

Chris Capeheart

Best known for his skill as a street performer, Chris brings a lot of talent and experience to the stage. 

February 19-22

Mark Haslam

Mark captured the hearts of Cabaret members last time he was here. His English grace sets him apart from the crowd. 

The Magic Castle Cabaret is a private members club. If you are not a member, and would like to visit this special place, there are ways.

As a member, Gene can offer you a guest pass or take you as his personal guest. Please feel free to contact him to explore one of these options. 805-729-8459 or

Naturally, if you are hosting a party, putting together a corporate event, planning a wedding reception, Gene Urban would love to make magic happen for you and your guests. Contact Gene today to check availability.

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