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What do guests love?

Music and magic rank high on top party planner go-to corporate entertainment ideas. The reason is simple; people appreciate good music and love mind-boggling magic. The people’s choice is easily seen with America’s Got Talent results. Let’s look at recent top place finishers by category:

  • 2 Magicians made it to the semi-final corporate entertainment
  • 2016: 1st Place: Musician, 2nd Place: Magician, 3rd Place Magician
  • 2015: 3rd Place: Magician, 4th Place: Magic Act, 5th Place: Musician
  • 2014: 1st Place: Magician, 2nd Place: Musician

American’s voted for the best entertainment on AGT and clearly said they love magic. The question is, who can you trust to win over your guests, co-workers, and management.

Who Is A Great Corporate Entertainment Choice?

In Santa Barbara, the Central Coast, and beyond one name stands out as a sure bet. Meet master magician and mentalist Gene Urban.

When you need an entertainer who will exceed your client’ expectations and win great feedback, Gene Urban delivers.
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A few facts about Gene Urban to help you understand why so many meeting planners choose him.
Guest Love Gene's MagicAmazing Skills: It takes time, practice, and passion for becoming excellent at magic. Gene has performed at 1000’s of corporate events in 22 countries, including recent shows in Thailand and Vietnam. He is also one of the rare magicians who is invited to perform at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.
Trustworthy: Everyone promises dependability. The question is do they deliver. Take a look at the reviews Gene Urban’s clients send him. Here is just one example. “My thanks and compliments for holding us and our prospective customers in the palms of your very skillful hands. You always deliver!” Axxess Technology
Deliver What You Promise: Gene Urban is a nut about client satisfaction. He takes the time to understand your needs and goals. If he doesn’t feel he can deliver 110% satisfaction, he won’t take the job. “Thank you for coming through with flying colors and we look forward to working with you again in the future.” Merck Pharmaceuticals

If you are looking for corporate entertainment that will wow your guests and impress your co-workers, it’s worth contacting Gene Urban. His passion for exceeding client expectation is comforting and ensures you will receive praise for a choice well made.

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Hospitality Party Magic

Gene Urban’s magic has been the center of hundreds of successful hospitality and cocktail receptions. Clients agree Gene has a real gift for making people feel comfortable and appreciated.

When you hire Gene something amazing happens. Your guests actually perform much of the magic. They make coins vanish, alter the laws of reality and even read minds. Together, magic happens. The other winner is your company as this will be the party people talk about and remember.

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Close Up Magic

Gene Urban’s close up magic is fantastic at a dinner event. The magic often starts during the cocktail hour and can continue throughout the party. It is ideal for receptions, hospitality parties, gala fundraisers and other exclusive events.

Gene Urban’s magic is jaw-dropping. The difference is evident to your guests since they are often the one’s who perform incredible feats of magic and mind-reading. He makes your people feel special, welcome and connected. It is no wonder clients bring him back time and time again.

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Stage Magic

Gene Urban offers an intimate stage show for corporate and private party audiences.

Limited to audiences of 80 and under, Sleights of Mind combines mind-twisting magic and mentalism, lots of audience interaction and lots of startling moments.

Like all of Gene Urban’s shows, the audience gets involved and actually performs much of the magic. Underpinning the magic is an intelligent story-line mixing empowerment with fascinating information about the neuroscience of magic.  

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