Christmas & Holiday Party Entertainment

Christmas & Holiday Party Entertainment

Gene Urban Makes Magic Happen

Christmas & Holiday Party Entertainment

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Gene Urban Makes Magic Happen

Magic Makes A Party Rock

People say magic is the most universally popular form of live entertainment for Christmas & Holiday party entertainment and Gene Urban is an extraordinary magician.

Gene connects with people; he makes them laugh; he leaves them amazed and talking. It’s no wonder so many holiday party hosts bring Gene back year after year.

Gene, once you were just a magician, now you are part of the family. Our guests always ask if you’ll be at our holiday party. Thanks for helping make our gatherings so successful.  Bill and Nancy S.

What set’s Gene Urban’s magic and mentalism apart is his approach and ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Gene’s approach to magic is truly different. Instead of Gene doing all the magic, he has your guests seemingly perform much of the magic. They read minds, make coins vanish from their hands and do so many astonishing things. Gene doesn’t need all the attention, he wants your people to feel special and empowered.

It is his attention to the party goers through magic and a warm performance style that makes him the perfect choice for your Christmas or Holiday party.

When it comes to talent, professionalism and class, Gene simply has no peers in his field. Encore Entertainment


What Gene Can Do For You

At most Christmas or Holiday parties, Gene performs while strolling among the guests. Whether seated or standing, Gene will join the group and start making magic happen. His magic is contagious and will be the talk of the party for months to come.

Depending on the venue and layout of the room, Gene also offers an intimate stand up show that mixes magic, mind reading and laughter. It is an interactive show where guests are part of the performance.

You were Magic. A 10+. and we will have you back! TC Advertising

The magic was wonderful! Everybody was dazzled completely. Better Living Products

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Gene Urban…
Exceptional Magic & Mentalism

1117 N. State Street
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Santa Barbara, CA 93101


What is Close Up Magic?

What is Close Up Magic?

Let's Make Magic Happen

Close-Up Magic is delightful & intriging

Let's Make Magic Happen

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What is Close-Up Magic?

Close-up magic is often called “Magic of the Hands.”  It is an intimate style of magic performed mere inches or feet from you and your guests.

Close-up magic is often performed with playing cards, coins and other common objects.

Close-up magic is considered the most versitile and popular style.  Guest’s love the intimacy and party hosts are thrilled to have entertainment that moves to and around the guests.

Where is Close Up Magic Performed?

Close-up magic happens anywhere guests are standing, sitting, milling, waiting, In your home, at a resort, even on the beach. Gene makes magic happen in front of your eyes.

  • At a recent Gala, Gene strolled among the guests.
  • During an April wedding in Santa Barbara, Gene entertained guest seated at their tables.
  • In Santa Ynez last month, the host had Gene perform from a stationary table where guests came to him.

Close-up magic is versatile, so it can fit what works best for your party or event.

Our Specialties

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What Gene Will Do For You

Gene will add moments of wonder and awe to your event.

There is a reason so many party planners and hosts bring Gene in for their special events… Guests love him!

He has a warm performance style and a way with people that is wizardry in itself. Top that with Gene’s incredible magic and you have entertainment that is like a fabulous desert… tasty and delicious.

Wedding Magic

“You made a magical night even more so. Thanks you!”

Ali Magic

“You made my sweet man happy. What a gift you have.”

Close-UP party magic

“Our guests couldn’t stop talking about you”

Magic Castle Fun

“You were a hit with our Magic Castle guests and members”

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Gene Urban

1117 State St
Santa Barbara


The Magic Castle Cabaret Santa Barbara – News and Info

The Magic Castle Cabaret Santa Barbara – News and Info

When I am performing magic, people often ask about the new Magic Castle Cabaret opening in Santa Barbara. It is always exciting to talk to people about this new magical venue that will be part of the Santa Barbara landscape.

The new Magic Castle in Santa Barbara is called the Magic Castle Cabaret and is not going to be a replica of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Although Milt Larson founded Hollywood’s Magic Castle, the Cabaret is the brainchild of he and his wife Arlene. They have combined their knowledge and passion to create a very unique venue for members and guests to enjoy.

magic castle cabaret

What Will Happen At The Magic Castle Cabaret?

An evening at the new Magic Castle Cabaret will be unlike anything else in Santa Barbara. Yes, there will be magic and surely guests will be captivated by the wonders within. However, there will be more. Let Milt and Arlene tell you a bit more about their brain child.


An evening at the Magic Castle Cabaret will feature a close-up magician of the Academy of Magical Arts from the Magic Castle in Hollywood or a variety arts entertainer such as a singer, ventriloquist, comedian, mime, tap dancer or stage magician. 

Will There Be Food and Beverage at The Magic Castle Cabaret?

Members and Guest of the Magic Castle Cabaret will enjoy a full bar including spirits, and a variety of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Although there will be a light food fair offered, it is not a dinner house with a full menu.

Arlene has planned a variety of finger foods, and other nourishment guaranteed to delight those gathered for an evening of fun, magic and variety arts.

Can Anyone Come To The Magic Castle Cabaret?

Santa Barbara’s Magic Castle Cabaret will follow suit with the original Magic Castle in Hollywood and be a private club. Members will be able to bring guests and in time members will have the opportunity to offer guest passes to their friends.

So far, the Magic Castle Cabaret has attracted lots of local members as well as many notable magic types including: Steve Martin, David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Alan Parsons and Penn & Teller. You will never know who you might see during a visit to the Cabaret.

When Will The Magic Castle Cabaret Open?

In late August, Milt and Arlene began soft openings of the Magic Castle Cabaret. The place is open to members, by reservation, on Thursday and Friday nights from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. They expect to add Saturday nights to the mix as they work out the operational details.

Where Is The Magic Castle Cabaret?

The Magic Castle Cabaret is located at 30 Las Patos Way in Montecito, CA.

For people who have lived in Santa Barbara for a while, the Cabaret occupies the same space as the former Café de Oro just east of Angela Park Bird Refuge.

A Few Words From Gene Urban

gene urban magicianI am personally thrilled about the opening of a magic venue in my own backyard. Although I love going to and performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, not battling LA traffic to play and enjoy the art I love will be divine.

If you have a question or would like to join me as my guest at the Cabaret, let me know. If you want to become a member yourself, simply email or call Arlene Larson and tell her Gene Urban sent you her way. Arlene’s email is and phone number is 805-845-0555

I hope to see you soon at the Magic Castle Cabaret and if you need great magic at your own party, wedding or corporate event, I’d be delighted to make it happen.

Gene Urban

Party Entertainment in Santa Ynez

Hosting a Party In Santa Ynez?

Gene Urban Will Help Make Magic Happen

Fantastic Party Entertainment in Santa Ynez CA

party entertainment in montecito

               Gene with Nick & Muhammad Ali

Having a party or event in Santa Ynez? Whether it is private party in your home or an event at one of Santa Ynez’s superb wineries, you want your guests to have a memorable experience. One of the ways to insure success is unexpected party entertainment like Magic Castle magician, Gene Urban.

Gene Urban is the real deal. My friend Muhammad Ali was simply wowed by him. I love to share his talents at my parties; he is always a hit. Nick Lowery, NFL Hall of Fame, Lowery Foundation

Party Entertainment in Santa Ynez Can Be Magic

Gene’s magic is a great choice no matter the type of party you are hosting. Celebrating a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday? Gene will mingle with your guests, helping them to feel special and wowing them with the amazing close-up magic and mind-reading guests at the Magic Castle relish.

wedding party entertainment montecitoPerhaps you are hosting a wedding reception. What else could be better than astounding magic during a party celebrating the magic of love? It’s understandable why top wedding planners call on him to add unexpected wonder during their client’s special day. Read more about Gene’s wedding reception magic.

Gene was fantastic. Our guests were surprised and delighted. Gene is a pleasure to work with and we would happily recommend him to others. Thank you Gene. Glen L., Los Olivos

Maybe you are planning an anniversary get-together or client appreciation party? Gene’s magic is all about connecting with people and celebrating life’s wonders. His stellar magic and mentalism are always a hit. You’ll find out when your guests ask, “Where did you get the magician? He was fantastic!”

What does Gene Urban do at a Party?

corporate event magic santa barbaraThe phenomenal thing about Gene Urban is his versatility and warmth. He mingles among the guests adding moments of wonder. He performs for people seated at tables or while standing. He moves around looking for opportunities to add to your guest’s experience. Party hosts say “it is so much fun watching our friend’s reactions.”

Some clients want Gene to perform in front of the entire group too. Gene’s stand-up show is perfect for mostly adult parties in the 25-60 guest range.

How Do I Hire Magician Gene Urban

Call and talk to Gene Urban about your upcoming event today at 805-729-8459 or email using the form below.

Let Gene Make Magic Happen for You and Your Friends.

8 + 5 =

Magician’s Gene Recommends

I am often asked who I recommend if I am already booked for an event on the date you are hosting your party. There are a number of strong magicians and many more who are more hobbyist than professional. Below are a few of the people I recommend.


  • Patrick Holcombe is an affable man and good magician. He performs some unusual magic that guests like and treats guests very nicely while dazzling them with his legerdemain. He can be reached at or 602-625-8790.
  • Brett Barry performs mentalism versus magic. If you are interested in that style of performance, he is a good choice.

Las Vegas:

Robb Weinstock is my go to magician in Las Vegas. He is an award winning magician who is also a heartfelt performer. Your guests will love him.